If telling your dog “no” worked, no one would need a dog trainer.

The video below shows a typical Bark Busters result. In this example, Rudy, a rambunctious, 1-year-old German Shepherd needed to calm down. His owners tried to tell him “NO!” in an effort to get him to stop barking, jumping, and nipping when people came for a visit.  But like most attempts to speak English to dogs, this failed. They knew that putting him away would not teach him. Luckily, they knew that using brut force or hitting him would be wrong and would only make matters worse not better.  They did the right thing by reaching out to Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Teaching Rudy to not pull on the leash was another area where Rudy’s parents wanted training help too. The results after his parents learned to #SpeakDog are pretty amazing. But these results are also typical for our clients on the first lesson all while using dog-friendly techniques.


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