Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

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After one lesson, I noticed a change in my dog. She walked through everything and was very thorough. […]

Adrian | Waldorf

Murphy is a 10 month old, 120lb baby....but we needed help! He had a few bad habits but after learning some important commands, techniques and other information, we are on our way to a new and […]

Chris | Bowie

Kelly came to our home and within the our our dogs were behaving better. We understand what is expected of us as the pack leader to practice and maintain progress. Kelly really helps you learn how to […]

Adrian | Owings

I had the opportunity to get Kelly to help me with both my dogs (German Shepperd & yorki-poo) she was so amazing & patient ! She took the time to get to know us a a family and my pets, I love how I […]

Alma | Cheverly

Kelly came in and listened to the issues my dog Mamba and I were facing. She asked alot of detailed questions about his behavior and helped me understand how to provide training/corrective solutions […]

Rashad | Greenbelt

I have used Ben multiple times. He has quickly responded when I have called for help. Minxy my 10 month old sheltie is a difficult and stubborn dog. Ben has been fantastic providing tools /advice to […]

Wendye | Stevensville

Kelly came and after a few minutes of her showing me the techniques of how to walk Cash and it was like night and day. […]

Tiffany | College Park

Ben was very helpful and gentle with our dog. He took time to get to know him, listen to our questions, and provide feedback and praise tailored to our dogs needs. He took a strengths-based approach […]

Catie | Bladensburg

Highly recommend Ben at Bark Busters! He has been to our home twice on Kent Island, and what a difference we saw in just the first session in our Mini Aussie’s behavior. Who knew we needed to […]

Meredith | Chester

Ben from Bark Busters was extremely professional and worked extremely well with us and our dog Axel. Ben was able to teach us how to communicate with our dog in his language and teach him valuable […]

Tristin | Upper Marlboro

Ben was kind, knowledgeable, and really went the extra mile to help us with our dog, Mya. We look forward to working with him in the future. We know Mya will grow with his incredible support and care! […]

Olivia | Severn

I brought my new puppy home on Saturday & was completely overwhelmed by Sunday. Even though she is a very smart & happy puppy, she nips & jumps. I was able to get an appointment for Monday with […]

Katina | Bowie

Ben was fabulous!!! […]

Lori | Bowie

Ben was amazing with our little Franklin. He was patient, friendly, and so in tune with our needs. Ben allowed us to ask all of our millions of questions and never made us feel dumb or unheard. He […]

Taryn | Upper Marlboro

I learned more about dogs in the first 10 minutes of training with Ben than I have ever learned in my life. It is clear that this program has been thoughtfully designed; and our trainer, Ben, has […]

Alayna | Upper Marlboro

I have been working with Kelly for a few weeks on training my St Bernard and Newfoundland. I have seen amazing progress in their behaviors I feel like I can communicate so much better with them and […]

Laurie | Odenton

I have an 8-month Lab/Pitbull/Presa Canario mix dog that was having various behavioral issues. I was looking for a professional trainer that has experience working with aggressive dogs and would […]

Cindy | Hyattsville

Ben has already made a huge difference in our household, can't recommend enough! […]

Julia | Bowie

When my husband and I were looking for a training program for our mini-cockapoo puppy, Hugo, we wanted to ensure long-term support. We have had several friends get training in classes for their dogs, […]

Ilana | Silver Spring

We reached out to Bark Busters, as we were really out of options to address our dog's behavior issues. Our dog Weber was 9 months old then, he was chewing on door frames, furniture, his resource […]

Nathalie | Silver Spring, Montgomery

I have a golden doodle that has some fear based aggression issues. I was really beginning to feel trapped by the dog because I can’t have people come into my home without locking him away, can’t […]

Carol | Bowie, Prince George's

Ben came out to help me and my fiancé navigate how to introduce a new puppy to our timid/defensive dog. After thorough observation, Ben was able to set us up with training tools that allowed us to […]

Shaughn | shady side

Kelly was on time and friendly. She took her time to explain Sweet Pea's behavior and then she took her time to teach me how to speak "dog". When the lesson was over, I was able to ask questions […]

Linda | Laurel

Ben and Kelly visited on our home Feb 5th. It was the first lesson that our 9 month old Frenchie ever had. They were so knowledgeable and included our whole family! Within 30 minutes, we had already […]

jennifer | gambrills

Can't recommend Bark Busters enough. So professional and really amazing. Kelly turned my Thor's attitude around and made her so friendly. She was not very fun on walks and was not friendly. Now she […]

Mike | upper marlboro

Absolutely the best experience for both myself and my dog. Ben not only helped teach us both the what's and how's of training, but also the why's. I highly recommend anyone looking for good trainers […]

Paul | ft meade

I cannot say enough about Ben! He came to my house when i was at the end of my rope with my 2 pups. They were barking and fighting and just not getting along anymore - after 3 years together! Ben […]

bonnie | severn

Very capable trainer. Clearly works well with dogs. Has great insight on my dog. She was kind toward me - teaching me how to better handle my dog to meet my expectations. […]

Larry | Takoma Park, Montgomery

They are wonderful! We noticed major improvements after (in!) our first session. It’s so helpful to have her come to us, where she can observe our puppy in her environment and with our other dog. […]

Brenna | Silver Spring

I got my adorable malti-poo last week and wanted him to be trained. (First time dog owner) I did my research and I loved her approach. First of all she has the best personality and you can tell she […]

Vanessa | Glenarden

Sharon is super nice and effective. My dog Kristy responded very well to Sharon’s training each time we’ve had Sharon come to our home to help us with a host issues as Kristy’s behaviors […]

Alyssa | Severn, Anne Arundel

I absolutely Love, Love, Love Sharon! She has been working with our two 19 month Rottweiler since they were 3 months old. My boyfriend and I chose the lifetime plan which was very reasonably priced […]

Tiffany | Bowie, Prince George'sa

This was our first time using professional help and Sharon did an excellent job in helping us to understand dog behaviors while also showing solutions on how to make corrections. Sharon gave us her […]

Coury | Bowie

Sharon is great! She coached the entire family about how to understand our dog Camille. Camille loves her and took to her immediately! Camille really tries to please Sharon and will be obedient even […]


Sharon is great! She showed me what I was doing wrong & how to stop Sydney from jumping up on new people to say "hello". We practiced at home, then in public in different places to include pet stores. […]

Sue | Odenton

Sharon is a fabulous trainer. She has given us tons of options for training our dog Harper and we've seen a lot of improvement only 3 sessions in (we even saw improvement after 1). We are so thankful […]

Brianna | Cheverly

Sharon is ABSOLUTELY the best! First, our family loves the idea the she comes to our home for training, and that she's is just a text or phone call away if we have any questions or concerns. Secondly, […]

Parris | Severn

Sharon is nothing short of amazing. She has assisted me with my dog, Paris since he was about 6 months old. We originally contacted bark busters for separation anxiety but Sharon tackled so many […]

Marlivia | Glenarden

Sharon is an outstanding trainer! She's assisted me with so many training techniques for my grand dog. She showed me how to decrease his anxiety about being left alone as well as anxiety about meeting […]

Mary | Pikesville

Thank you so much, Sharon! My dog's barking was out of control and with just two sessions, he is back to his happy, quiet self. Truthfully, I think I needed more training than Kobe and Sharon made it […]

Ashlyn | Beltsville

We hired Sharon when Winston was a puppy and she did a wonderful job teaching us "dog language". We used her techniques throughout the year. She worked with our schedule to make it convenient when she […]

Jay | Odenton

Sharon was great! Her insight and tips were easy for me to practice and incorporate into our routines, and seemed easy for Gus to pick up. His barking has definitely calmed down, and with me learning […]

H | Washington

We rescued an adult very large male black German turns out he barks & lunges at strangers either on his leash or in the house. We had a family reunion coming up and I needed a few tools […]

Melody | Upper Marlboro

I didn't know what to do to get my rescued dog to get along with my cat and parents dog. Her aggression was out of hand with fighting and i was afraid there would be blood shed. My vet recommended […]

Heather | Bowie

Sharon was great! She was very descriptive in her training from basic commands to body language demonstrations. Originally did not fully know what to expect from the training but Sharon went above and […]

Jessica | Camp Springs

There are no words that could express how grateful we are for Sharon! We recently adopted a 2yr old Standard Poodle, Bella. She's a rescue who spent the first 2 yrs of her life being breed as a show […]

Donna | Bowie

Kendra and I contacted Sharon after rescuing Lucky, a male, Black Lab mix from a horrible situation at kill shelter in Fredericksburg, VA. Lucky suffered from severe separation anxiety, mild food […]

Bruce | Beltsville

Sharon truly has a gift. I have two non-trusting chihuahuas: a 10 yr old and a 6 mo old. I initially requested service for the puppy. Within 10 minutes, it was clear that my puppy was looking to my […]

Augustine | bowie

Sharon is great! My puppy Yorkshire Terrier was having a very tough time with his separation anxiety. This was displayed by his constant pacing and barking for 3 hours straight (proof via a video […]

Marlivia | Bowie
Katie and Roger

Sharon came to us last Saturday and she was amazing!! I can not tell you just how wonderful she is you will just have to schedule and find out. Sharon is extremely knowledgable and professional. […]

Katie and Roger | Bowie
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