Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

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Jacob D.

We’ve only had one session so far, however our 4 month old pup has already shown DRASTIC improvement on her separation anxiety! Ben gave us a detailed homework plan to follow (which takes maybe 20 […]

Jacob D. | Grasonville
Mark B.

We got two male cocker spaniels just before Halloween of 2023. They are now 8 months old and to say the least over time they were barking and howling at any and every sound they heard both inside and […]

Mark B. | Arnold
Janice T.

From our very first session with Ben at Bark Busters, we noticed an immediate improvement in our dogs' behavior. The progress has been slow but steady, which speaks to the lasting impact of Ben's […]

Janice T. | Annapolis
Peggy C.

Ben Miller is the best dog trainer ever. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I live in Easton, Maryland and have a rescue pitbull mix with some red zone excitability issues. Ben gave me some great […]

Peggy C. | Easton
Frank M.

Amazing results and a sound, understandable basis. […]

Frank M. | Severna Park
Charlie J.

It was my pleasure working with Ben from Bark Busters. I’ve had many dogs in my lifetime but never experienced Doggie Anxiety until I got my dog Pepper. We couldn’t leave her alone in the house […]

Charlie J. | Stevensville
Gretchen K.

This was our first time using the Bark Busters method and I am a huge fan! Their methods worked instantly and were easy to follow! Ben was great at demonstrating and explaining everything to us. […]

Gretchen K. | Bowie
Alicia D.

First meeting and I am already seeing a difference in my dog. I never would’ve thought we’d find the perfect trainer for my dog but here we are. Ben has been a great help and I’m definitely […]

Alicia D. | Annapolis
Donnas U.

Ben was so professional, yet very friendly kind, easy to talk to, and patient! He is extremely knowledgeable. He spent over 4 hours with us and our 2 dogs, one of whom is quite stubborn. My husband […]

Donnas U. | Bowie
John D.

Ben has been so helpful in training our dog. We have been doing virtual sessions and still making a ton of progress. We are still on our journey to having a happy and calm dog but I know through the […]

John D. | Bowie
Maria G.

Ben has been so awesome helping us train our dog!! And doing it virtually!! We’ve seen a lot of progress with our anxious rescue and we’re very grateful for it. We recommend Ben and Bark Busters! […]

Maria G. | Bowie
Tiffin S.

From our first encounter with the call assistant, Liz, to the times we’ve needed Ben after our first appointment, the level of care, professionalism, patience, and knowledge, can’t be beat. As a […]

Tiffin S. | Bowie
Samuel J.

I saw immediate results with my dog who is very stubborn, he responded very well to the training I'm impressed! […]

Samuel J. | Bowie
David B.

Ben was great with my dog Penny. In our initial meeting, Ben thoroughly explained the BB approach. Ben was very patient with showing me how and when to intervene when Penny’s behavior needed to be […]

David B. | Bowie
Stephanie C.

Ben was amazing for our first training session with our rescue lab from the shelter! Ben is patient with both dogs and the owners (who are really the ones who need training). After one session I am […]

Stephanie C. | Lanham
Kelsey S.

I highly recommend Ben from Bark Busters! I have two golden retrievers, and he did an amazing job teaching me how to train my dogs! […]

Kelsey S. | Upper Marlboro
Holly M.

I really enjoy working with Ben. He's very knowledgeable and patient with me and my daughter. I will recommend him to anyone that's looking for a trainer. […]

Holly M. | Bowie
Catherine S.

Very successful first training with our 8 week old Bernese Mountain puppy. Shocked at how quickly she picked up on training methods. Both my husband and I feel better prepared to work with our pup! […]

Catherine S. | Laurel
Margaret C.

Ben was very professional in training us on how to handle our two dogs. The dogs are different with one being reactive to sound and Ben outlined separate training plans for each dog with this key […]

Margaret C. | Arnold, Anne Arundel
Kim H.

Jodie's expertise has been invaluable! We were seriously contemplating giving our 16 month old Weimaraner back to the breeder or a rescue due to possession aggression and nipping at friends and […]

Kim H. | Severna Park, Anne Arundel
Margaret L.

We have a wonderful Jack Russel who, unfortunately, loves to bark too much. Jacks are notoriously difficult to train. But a session with our wonderful trainer and we were able to limit our Jack's […]

Margaret L. | Upper Marlboro, Prince George's
Jackie B.

I spent a long time trying to find a trainer that concentrated on behavioral modification instead of obedience training. Ben and Bark-Busters absolutely fit the bill. I had excellent success […]

Jackie B. | Severn, Anne Arundel
Jackie B.

I spent a long time trying to find a trainer that concentrated on behavioral modification instead of obedience training. Ben and Bark-Busters absolutely fit the bill. I had excellent success […]

Jackie B. | Severn, Anne Arundel
Paulette S.

Tito and I learned more than expected from Ben, our Trainer. We know it will take time and consistency. Our family is already noticing a positive difference, more importantly, we believe Tito is […]

Paulette S. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Tammy D.

Right away in our first session Jodie put us at ease and quickly noticed that my anxious GSD was training me instead of the other way around. With a few tools, I’m now in control and Appa is calmer […]

Tammy D. | Bowie, Prince George's
Karen T.

I am so glad that I called Bark Busters. My dog started barking at dogs when we moved to our new neighborhood, which made walking her very stressful for all of us. Ben explained why she was reactive […]

Karen T. | Laurel, Prince George's
Brenae F.

Great first experience with Ben! Very knowledgable and established excellent "dog talking" foundation. I was surprised to see such great results after the *first* session that carried over even after […]

Brenae F. | Riva, Anne Arundel
Storm B.

Jodie was absolutely amazing!! I’m already seeing a big difference in my pup!!!! Couldn’t be more happier!!!!!!!! […]

Storm B. | Laurel, Prince George's
Karen S.

Jodi was fantastic makes me feel confident In controlling my dogs. […]

Karen S. | Bowie, Prince George's
Kelley A.

Life changing! I contacted Bark Busters because I have two mini Golden Doodles (one, who is six and very well-behaved and one who is one and not so much). Initially, I had an in-depth phone […]

Kelley A. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Cindy S.

We just met with Jodie at Bark Busters and had the best experience! She is clearly very knowledgeable about dog behaviors and has a very calming presence. We are really looking forward to seeing the […]

Cindy S. | Laurel, Prince George's
Ciano P.

I got a cute puppy during covid that grew into a 105 lb bundle of nerves. After a previous failed training stint I decided to try Bark Busters. Ben was amazing! Super professional and really connected […]

Ciano P. | Bowie, Prince George's
Madan T.

Omg Ben the best coach!! He amazing he knows how to teach us how to teach our Annie. Today July 19 was are first time meeting Ben. Ben already got us teaching how to talk to our dog Annie. Annie is […]

Madan T. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Jim B.

Ben had alot of good information and was helpful in showing us different techniques to address behaviors. Bean was responsive to these techniques. Now we have to put into practice. Ben has been great […]

Jim B. | Crofton, Anne Arundel
Debby S.

Our rescue dog has issues with aggression. We called Bark Busters as a last resort. We are so happy we did! Ben educated us on dog behavior and started right in with techniques to use on our dog. The […]

Debby S. | Upper Marlboro, Prince George's
Amy K.

Absolutely the best outcome that we could have asked for. The first session both of our boys completely did a 180 with their behavior. Ben was so personable it felt like talking to a friend and he […]

Amy K. | Upper Marlboro, Prince George's
Jacquie R.

OMG! Ben is awesome! He made our first meeting very informative and enjoyable. I walked away with so much information and believing i had made a wise investment and my fur babies and I am going to […]

Jacquie R. | Lanham, Prince George's
Neil W.

What can I say…….. Mr. Ben was nothing short of amazing today. For the first time in years, I feel I have control over my dog. Prior to the training, I didn’t think I could walk Cosmo with him […]

Neil W. | Riva, Anne Arundel
Kahlee M.

After my session with Ben, I knew I made a great decision. I’ve never felt like I had a handle on my dogs or their behavior, and it would easily overwhelm me. However, understanding how dogs think […]

Kahlee M. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Matthew H.

I had a wonderful experience with Ben from Bark Busters. In one visit, we learned some simple techniques to discourage our dog’s unwanted and aggressive behaviors. Ben took the time to explain dog […]

Matthew H. | Bowie, Prince George's
Debra J.

First session was easy. Dog responded well! […]

Debra J. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Nikki R.

Thoroughly impressed! Jodie was very professional and guided me on how to communicate better with my girl Harri. I was so impressed with how quickly Harri has caught on in just the first session! I am […]

Nikki R. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Carmela P.

Ben Miller was excellent- so attentive to our dog needs and questions. He helped us see we do not have a bad dog. He has given us hope!!! Thank you, Ben. […]

Carmela P. | Severn, Anne Arundel
David L.

I’m so glad we found Ben at Bark Busters. We recently inherited a 2 year old 130lb Great Dane who went through a traumatic event that left him nervous, afraid and occasionally aggressive. He would […]

David L. | Bowie, Prince George's
Beth S.

I’m so happy that I found Bark Busters! What a difference I have seen in my dog with a training sessions with Jodie. Jodie is fantastic! She’s great at what she does, loves what she does and it […]

Beth S. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Jordan P.

Ben is so amazing with explaining everything and the Bark Busters methods work wonders! Everything exceeded my expectations and the training tools are so easy and intuitive. You aren't just given the […]

Jordan P. | Severn, Anne Arundel
April F.

Ben Miller was very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with us during our first session! Our dogs seem to be responding very well to all of the training techniques!! We are looking forward to […]

April F. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Jeff H.

Bark Busters has been such a blessing! Jodie explained the lessons clearly and the practice sessions were easy to do and my dog (Russell) responded immediately. The daily exercises have already […]

Jeff H. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Danlie C.

Ben Miller is incredible! He is very communicative and walked us through every step of the way. I love that his methods are dog psychology based. We’ve seen amazing improvements in our dogs in […]

Danlie C. | Laurel, Prince George's
Madilyn C.

In a day, Ben has changed me and changed my dog for the better. I have a much better understanding of my dog’s (and just about all dogs’) psychology, and I have the tools to take action and create […]

Madilyn C. | Lanham, Prince George's
Andy H.

Look no further for your dog training needs. Ben has been crucial in helping us acclimate our new boxer pup with our other boxer. We have addressed everything from aggression, dominance, potty […]

Andy H. | Bowie, Prince George's
Angela D.

After this training, my dog’s behavior has changed so much. Ben helped me understand my dog and how to communicate with her in a language she could understand. Ben was there every step of the way […]

Angela D. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Janice W.

Ben and Kelly from BarkBusters saved me and allowed me to FINALLY have sanity and peace in my home where I have 2 cats ? and 2 dogs ?. I feel free and less stressed now that I don't have to keep […]

Janice W. | Upper Marlboro, Prince George's
Michelle W.

Wow, what an amazing difference. I had adopted a one year old Aki-poo named Nylah who was literally out of control. I was actually worried she could not be trained. However our training session with […]

Michelle W. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
P M.

Still can't believe the difference between ill mannered and well behaved results within 2 hours and counting!!! Wish I had called last year. We are all happier. […]

P M. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Alexis C.

Jodie was knowledgeable and thorough. I learned so much about puppy training in just a couple hours in our first session. I feel great about my decision to invest in the lifetime guarantee program […]

Alexis C. | Bowie, Prince George's
Syreeta C.

Ben was wonderful with our 7 month old Shih Tzu Mina. Before we met Ben her barking was off the charts! Ben gave us the tools we needed to correct her behavior and helped us set boundaries. He also […]

Syreeta C. | Bowie, Prince George's
Tiffany K.

Absolute Magic!!! We brought home 11 month old Einstein (an American Bulldog mix) from the shelter almost 2 weeks ago and while it started off fine, it quickly turned in to him being suddenly afraid […]

Tiffany K. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Scott S.

I can't get over how quickly our dogs responded to the Bah...and the high pitch voice for rewards. These guys are game changers. […]

Scott S. | BOWIE
Scott M.

Living in Severna Park we had many options for dog trainers, but we are so thankful we chose Ben. After bringing home our fur baby to meet our new human baby, things did not go well. We feared the […]

Scott M. | Millersville, Anne Arundel
Roman M.

Amazing experience! In addition to Ben being an overall nice guy that my dog and I felt very comfortable with, the method really works! My dog struggles with separation anxiety and I've tried other […]

Roman M. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Chinelo A.

Ben is amazing!! His training techniques are amazing! He taught me so much in just the first session. He made the training super easy and fun, and I learnt so much more than I thought I knew about my […]

Chinelo A. | Denton, Caroline
Clyde C.

Ben made the whole situation easy and made us feel really good as to making the situation as simple and easy as possible. We saw results instantly and it's making it easier to control our German […]

Clyde C. | Bowie
Rikki E.

Ben is amazing! We selected Bark Busters based off all their wonderful reviews, yes they are true! Ben is easy to communicate with to express any problems or concerns you have with your dog. He is […]

Rikki E. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Greg M.

This experience was and continues to be revolutionary. Never have I seen a dog trained so quickly. I have referred Ben to two of my coworkers. it is unbelievable. it will change your life! […]

Greg M. | Gambrills, Anne Arundel
Kevin N.

Ben was truly amazing. I have three young very hyper labs, and within about 15 minutes of working with each dog there was an unbelievable difference in their demeanor and behavior. This positive […]

Kevin N. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Brittany K.

Absolutely amazing from start to finish. We learned so much from our session with Ben. I was hesitant about the technique when it was first being explained, but our puppy responded AMAZING to it. He […]

Brittany K. | Gambrills, Anne Arundel
Matthew H.

If I could rate Ben more than 5 stars, I would. My situation: I have an 11-month-old black lab mix. We've had Macy for 2 weeks; she is a rescue and has moved from foster family to foster family in her […]

Matthew H. | bowie
Mary D.

Absolutely incredible! After years of trying other trainers, everything short of shocking to stop the barking and other behaviors, nothing worked! Now, we had 3 contented and obedient dogs after the […]

Mary D. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Michelle S.

My experience with Ben was life changing. I watched my dog, and I have had many in my life, change right before my eyes. He is a 90lb male pit bull mix, who was a bit fearful and pushed to dominate. […]

Michelle S. | Gambrills, Anne Arundel
Megan F.

WOW!!! Ben was amazing!!!! He communicated things so well and clearly and was extremely encouraging! My dogs responded really well to him and his commands. I'm super excited to see what other tricks […]

Megan F. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Megan F.

WOW!!! Ben was amazing!!!! He communicated things so well and clearly and was extremely encouraging! My dogs responded really well to him and his commands. I'm super excited to see what other tricks […]

Megan F. | Shady Side
Amber C.

Long story short: Ben has worked miracles for our family and really helped our dog grow more comfortable with her place in our "pack," especially after a chaotic introduction to having a newborn at […]

Amber C. | Laurel, Anne Arundel
sammie g.

We are AMAZED! The change in my dog was instant. We are so grateful for Ben’s instruction. I could tell Ben was just as big of a dog lover as me, and he went out of his way to help me and my dog, […]

sammie g. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Jacqueline S.

Ben is great! He is very knowledgeable and taught me the system in an easy and digestible way. I saw changes in my husky’s behavior immediately. I would recommend Bark Busters to all dog owners. […]

Jacqueline S. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Kyeana m.

My experience with Ben was amazing!!! He is really knowledgeable, professional and personable. He made sure to make the learning process straight foward and simple to understand. I learned so much the […]

Kyeana m. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Ita H.

Ben was excellent and wonderful to work with. He was very patient with us. The tips he gave us were easy to follow but work wonders. Our dog Bailey responded right away. Bailey and us are looking […]

Ita H. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Adam K.

Ben and his methods are incredible. Ben is super knowledgeable, answering all of our questions with ease. He’s also super patient and super professional. In just one 3 hour session we noticed a […]

Adam K. | Annapolis, Anne Arundel
Lauren S.

I wish there were more than 5 stars to give Ben to truly set him apart from the rest! We witnessed results in the first 15 minutes of training. Ben is truly invested in both your dog’s development […]

Lauren S. | Gambrills, Anne Arundel
Mick B.

Ben Miller is a patient young man. Our corgzilla is (WAS!!) a biter, barker, jumper and all around terrible fur kid—until my husband Tom found Bark Busters. Captain Kitsune (the corgzilla) had an […]

Mick B. | Odenton, Anne Arundel
Lisa H.

We are extremely pleased with this program. Ben was extremely knowledgeable and a very patient teacher. It was amazing to see our dogs respond to the techniques that he taught us. Although, it’s […]

Bobbie J.

Had our 1st training with Ben a couple weeks ago and it was amazing! The technique that’s taught really works with practice! Highly recommend & it’s life time warranty! […]

Bobbie J. | Bowie, Prince George's
Mariah M.

Ben was absolutely incredible. His knowledge of pet behavior and training was mind blowing. Not only did he give me the tools to succeed, but gave me the support I need to ensure the success of my […]

Mariah M. | Gambrills, Anne Arundel
Mariah M.

Ben was absolutely incredible. His knowledge of pet behavior and training was mind blowing. Not only did he give me the tools to succeed, but gave me the support I need to ensure the success of my […]

Mariah M. | Gambrills, Anne Arundel
Alex M.

Ben is super friendly and knowledgeable. He walked in and my dogs immediately responded to this type of training and they have continued to learn and improve. My eldest dog did not understand personal […]

Alex M. | Bowie, Prince George's
JoAnn C.

We recently had my daughter's dog move back in with us after he was a little aggressive with her landlord. He had lived with us before for months and was getting increasing aggressive with dogs, […]

JoAnn C. | Bowie, Prince George's
Joy S.

Ben did a great job helping me understand the background of dog behaviors. He explained each strategy clearly and answered all questions. My puppy responded to each strategy. I look forward to the […]

Joy S. | Upper Marlboro, Prince George's
Bukky I.

Ben did a great job educating our family on how to communicate better with our dog Cinnamon. He walked us through the steps with Cinnamon and we were amazed at how responsive Cinnamon was. We continue […]

Bukky I. | Waldorf, Charles
Caitlyn Y.

We are so thankful for Bark Busters Mid MD! When we first called Bark Busters, we were at the end of our rope with our Bluetick Coonhound rescue. He had a lot of things to work on. We saw a real […]

Caitlyn Y. | Laurel, Prince George's
Rachel A.

I had an amazingly informative session with Ben Miller! I was super surprised that my dogs were taking to the training so quickly. Ben was extremely personable, explained things very clearly, […]

Rachel A. | Severn, Anne Arundel
Eva E.

Mr. Ben is knowledgeable, professional, and patient with me so he could understand my concerns. That is what I needed for my precious dog. I have no doubt that my dog will reach her goals soon. Thank […]

Eva E. | Bowie, Prince George's
Amanda I.

Kelly has been wonderful in helping us get our 2 boys to get along! We have our ups and downs still with them being boys and for so long only made households, but they are making great progress!! […]

Amanda I. | Bowie, Prince George's
Lawan L.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot begin to tell you the difference a day can make. Ben Miller is AMAZING! He was prompt, patient and attentive to what our concerns were, explained the program […]

Lawan L. | Suitland
kamia s.

Great training with a unique approach that absolutely works! My dog would not come out of her crate and would growl aggressively when my boyfriend came to visit and now she is sitting on the couch […]

kamia s. | takoma park
Todd P.

Ben Miller explained everything about the Bark Busters training method clearly and was terrifically patient with my dog and me on our training session. We both got a lot out of it. I could see results […]

Todd P. | Silver Spring
Carolyn M.

We have had our dog for several years, and while he's generally a pretty good boy, he still has some habits (jumping up on people when they walk in the door, posturing defensively when he meets other […]

Carolyn M. | Hyattsville
tatyana p.

Ben was an absolute pleasure to work with. Within 30 minutes, I already learned so much about what the psychology of dogs and what I could do as their owner to build leadership. With Ben's vast […]

tatyana p. | largo
Craig M.

Working with Kelly is awesome! Our pup Thanos loves her! Her instructions for handling a new puppy have been instrumental in helping our family adjust to Thanos and visa versa! He is thriving with his […]

Craig M. | Bowie
Ashley K.

Beyond impressed with the dog training we received working with Kelly! We noticed a drastic improvement in behavior with our dog within the first training session with Kelly. Kelly tailored the […]

Ashley K. | Silver Spring
Adwoa B.

Kelly was an absolute pleasure. I cannot believe how effective the tips were and how receptive our dog, Lola, was to all of it! She was literally a different dog by the time Kelly left the first […]

Adwoa B. | upper marlboro
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