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Sharon did an outstanding job. It was easy for us to follow her instructions. There was a storm and power outrage during our lesson, so she simulated some of the drills once she explained everything since our dog was frightened from the thunder. The day after the 1st training, we saw results and continued improvement. Sharon came back to work with our dog when he was in his normal state and to ensure we were doing the drills correctly. She showed us even more on the second visit. It was amazing to see, so easy, yet worked so well. Sharon was outstanding. I have recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. If your dog needs any training, this method is absolutely amazing. It really works.
Fran & Bill Xenakis, Severn 5th July 2008

Sharon was very thorough and the training was clear and easy to grasp. My dog behaved in ways I did not think were possible for him. It was fun and interesting to learn how dogs think and behave the way they do. I will recommend Bark Busters and Sharon to my friends.
Jared Draper, Odenton 5th July 2008

Totally awesome training. I love the training philosophy! I noticed immediate results and Sharon was very easy to follow.
Felicia (Val) Rodriguez, Odenton 5th July 2008

Sharon is very enthusiastic and I can tell she enjoys teaching. We noticed results on the first lesson. After the first lesson and teaching us the basics, Sharon came back right away to help us get more results because we had a monster of a dog! The techniques actually work! It was a great learning experience.
Fabian Ferrera, Odenton 5th July 2008

Sharon was wonderful! I will recommend Bark Busters and Sharon to my friends!
Carolyn Oliver, Hanover 5th July 2008

I'm a vet tech and I like how the training is based on how dogs think and how easy it is to speak "dog." I've used other training before but I would get frustrated. Sharon's techniques were much easier to get results. I didn't think my Gizmo would respond as quickly as he did. It was amazing! My dad was so impressed by the training that he took brochures into his office to share w/ coworkers.
Nikki Renko, Gambrills 5th July 2008

Sharon is very knowledgeable about her field of training. My dog listens a lot better after only 1 lesson. I like that this method does not hurt or scare the dogs. I'd recommend Bark Busters.
Cheryl Squires, Gambrills 5th July 2008

Sharon is great! She is very patient on working on problems and doesn't push my dogs to go faster than they are comfortable with. Thank you!
Maria Avila, Ft. Meade 5th July 2008

Sharon welcomed our questions and is very knowledgeable. My dog, Kayleigh, stopped barking once as soon as Sharon taught me to tell her to in a way that dogs can understand. I was surprised because I used to think she was so stubborn. Now I know that before the Bark Busters training, we just weren't communicating like we can do now.
Sharon Anderson, Odenton 5th July 2008

The person who thought of this is a genius!
Kelly Buskirk, Fort Meade 10th January 2008

I have recommended Bark Busters to all of my friends and family who own dogs. Understanding 'dog language' has made the relationship between my dogs and myself easier to deal with.
Cindy Lavallee, Severn 10th January 2008

My dog responded immediately! Sharon did an excellent job! Pepper responded to her as if she were part of our family.
Maurann Hakun, Gambrills 10th January 2008

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