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I'm Sharon Kondash, Certified Dog Behavioral Therapist & Master Trainer for Bark Busters Home Dog Training serving PG County, Anne Arundel County & Washington DC. I've trained roughly 3000 dogs over the past 8.5 years. But my background may surprise you. I graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration & Marketing and as the Valedictorian at Virginia Tech in 1990. Then I was a fast tracker for 11 years at a fortune 100 company wearing a suit every day in account management, marketing & applications development in plastics materials & product design. Next, I owned and operated an interior design company for 5 years. Now, a wife and proud mother of two teenage girls, I’m the owner of the local Bark Busters. I finally found my dream job 8.5 years ago when Bark Busters actually found me. I already had the problem solving & people coaching skills. I was used to managing multiple projects, was goal oriented & customer focused. I had experience with a range of challenging rescue dogs in a family environment, plus an intense love of animals. But Bark Busters, the world/s largest & most successful dog training company, imparted in me their incredible knowledge of dog behavior & canine communication that is fast, easy, dog-friendly, & highly effective. When my clients express their amazement at how fast I resolve their dogs behavior issues, and they put me in their contact list as their “dog whisperer,” I always remind them that Bark Busters gets most of the credit. The founders of the company really make me look like a superstar. My role is to pass on the knowledge & skills that you need, and to do it in the way you need. So you’ll become your own “dog whisperer.”

Sharon Kondash

My goal is to keep dogs from being a burden to their owners, so that as many dogs as possible can be kept in their homes, well loved by all who know them. But dogs are far more misunderstood than most dog people realize, leading to behavior issues, isolation, & sometimes resentment, abuse, abandonment, & even euthanasia. It's my mission to spread the word that it's never too late, or too early, to learn how to train your dog. I help with any age dog, of any breed with any behavioral issue or training goal related to having a happy, well behaved companion dog. How much time does it take? Not much! You can expect immediate improvement in addressing any behavior issue on your 1st training session. Once I arrive at your home, your training priorities are my focus. There's no need to travel or sign up for multiple courses or extra classes. Everything's included starting with your goals. Just don't be surprised when you learn more useful canine concepts than you ever expected in a short amount of time - because you'll really think & communicate on your dogs level right away. You'll see results as soon as you learn to "speak dog" and to address the root cause, (not just symptoms,) of behavior issues. Natural canine communication is the fastest most reliable way to communicate with your dog. Bark Busters spent years figuring out how dogs tick. Surprisingly, the most common dog training methods out there don't even employ much canine communication -the language that your dog already knows. But thanks to my education from Bark Busters, I'll teach you to use your dogs instincts to prevent or reverse unwanted behaviors. I'll tailor the training to your unique dog and to your training priorities.

If you have a puppy, I'll help you get your puppy's education started off right without the need for punishment or reliance on treats or crating. Training should be fun for you ;and your dog. It should also be fast & stress free. Get your puppy or dog out of the crate, expect fast bonding, improved trust, better communication, fast housebreaking, better focus & obedience, tolerance of other dogs & people. It's totally reasonable to expect to have a happy, well behaved dog who's interested in listening to your rules. I'll also help you prevent or reverse any "bad dog" behaviors like separation anxiety, aggression, nuisance barking, jumping up on people, pulling on leash, fierce lunging, nipping, biting, marking & much more! You'll better understand your puppy or dog while achieving a great relationship with a dog who respects & trusts you! During my years of experience as a professional dog trainer, I've learned that starting in the home, with private dog obedience & behavioral training works best. It gets the fastest results even for outdoor training goals. This is because dogs can completely focus on their owner in a familiar environment where most dog behavioral issues are rooted and can be addressed. In fact, most of my clients see results within the first 30 minutes on their very first training session! All outdoor behaviors can also be addressed. Training walks, trips to the dog park, pet store, and socialization is included too. Don't risk instilling fear & mistrust in your dog by trying to force socialization in a group class that you or your dog isn't ready for. First learn what your dog needs so you can socialize properly. Then save time and do it right and on your own schedule. If your dog could talk he or she would ask you to call Bark Busters!

Sharon services: 20762 Andrews Air Force Base, 20705 Beltsville, 20715 Bowie, 20716 Bowie, 20720 Bowie, 20721 Bowie, 20613 Brandywine, 20011 Brightwood, Crestwood & Pentworth, 20616 Bryans Road, 20617 Bryantown, 20003 Capital Hill & Southeast, 20623 Cheltenham, 20735 Clinton, 20012 Colonial Village & Takoma, 20010 Columbia Heights & Pleasant Plains, 20036 Conneticut Ave, 20747 District Heights, 20755 Fort George G Meade, 21054 Gambrills, 20769 Glenn Dale, 20785 Hyattsville, 20706 Lanham, 20707 Laurel, 20708 Laurel, 20724 Laurel, 20658 Marbury, 21113 Odenton, 21144 Severn, 20024 Southwest, 20746 Suitland, 20912 Takoma Park, 20748 Temple Hills, 20772 Upper Marlboro, 20774 Upper Marlboro, 20601 Waldorf, 20602 Waldorf, 20603 Waldorf, 20037 West End, 20695 White Plains.

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guarantee-smallThe Bark Busters worldwide dog behavior training support guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog behavior issues and dog obedience issues and to provide our customers with ongoing peace of mind.

Sharon truly has a gift. I have two non-trusting chihuahuas: a 10 yr old and a 6 mo old. I initially requested service for the puppy. Within 10 minutes, it was clear that my puppy was looking to my older dog, and the older one was teaching my puppy bad habits and needed training also. I thought it was too late for a 10 yr old who has always feared and barked at strangers, but he was quite responsive to Sharon. She was quite soothing for them both, which enhanced their ability to learn the tasks being taught. Within a short period of time, I was taught skills that allowed me to be in control and not controlled. I could turn off the barking and get them to walk with a loose leash. I was also impressed with the fact that canine communication, not treats, was the tool used for behavior modification. I felt like I was in a session with Cesar Milan!!!! Thanks Sharon!
Augustine L., Bowie, Maryland
Sharon is a miracle worker! My dog's energy level, stubborn nature, and wariness of strangers made her quite difficult to handle and it really began to wear on me last fall when she turned 1 year. I finally reached out to the reputable Bark Busters program and after spending a couple hours with Sharon, I instantly knew I had made the right decision. Sharon helped me understand the art of being the firm but gentle 'pack leader' and the change was immediate. Penny has become much more obedient, looking to me to guide her in the right direction. She has overcome her fear of new people and places.

With the guidance offered by Sharon, Penny and I have a relationship I could only dream of before. Very pleased!!
Christine Mongeon, Bowie

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